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Our Story – Amara Hijama / Cupping Therapy Mangalore

In the lively city of Mangalore, there is a place where modern comfort blends seamlessly with effective alternative medicine. This place is called Amara, a clinic we launched in 2022 to help people achieve their best health through the specialized practice of cupping therapy. More than just a location for treatment, Amara is a haven where you can relax, heal, and find balance.

A Clean, Comfortable Setting for Advanced Healing

Nestled on Bejai Main Road, our clinic is designed with your comfort in mind, maintained to be pristine and welcoming. It’s air-conditioned and meticulously clean, creating an ideal environment for health and relaxation.

Cupping Therapy in mangalore at Amara Cupping

Innovative Treatments Led by Expertise

Kiara, our lead therapist, brings her extensive background in healthcare as a former emergency nurse and midwife to the forefront of Amara’s treatment strategies. She harnesses modern techniques like myofascial decompression to deliver more than just symptom relief. Kiara’s approach involves a unique cupping massage, where cups are gently glided over the skin to mobilize and decompress tissues, offering deep therapeutic benefits.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

  1. Personal Consultation: Your journey at Amara begins with a personal consultation where Kiara takes the time to understand your health history and objectives. This ensures that the therapy is customized to your specific needs.
  2. Customized Cupping Session: Based on the consultation, Kiara will apply her specialized cupping massage, focusing on areas that need attention. This can include different types of cupping techniques tailored to maximize your health benefits.
  3. Emphasis on Comfort: Throughout your session, we prioritize your comfort. Kiara adjusts the suction and duration of the cups based on your feedback, making the experience both beneficial and pleasant.
  4. Aftercare Guidance: After the session, you will receive advice on how to extend the therapy’s benefits, including suggestions for follow-up treatments if necessary.

Explore Our Specialized Treatments

Amara offers a diverse range of services designed to meet various health needs:

  • Cupping Facial: A rejuvenating treatment that enhances your skin’s natural glow.
  • Wet/Dry Cupping: Flexible treatment options to tackle a variety of health concerns in one session.
  • Full Body + Face Hijama: An all-encompassing treatment for total body rejuvenation.
  • Fire + Wet Cupping Combo: A dynamic combination of fire and wet cupping techniques for enhanced results.

Experience the Amara Difference

Cupping Therapy in mangalore at Amara Cupping

We invite you to Amara, where our commitment to your health and well-being is our top priority. Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, improve mobility, or simply indulge in a relaxing and health-boosting experience, Amara provides a path to enhanced well-being. Join us on a journey to better health in a setting that’s both modern and comforting.

Visit us today and discover how our personalized approach to cupping therapy can make a meaningful difference in your life.

To Book an Appointment

Call / WhatsApp: 99455 21505 (Prior Appointment is Mandatory)

Location: Bhavani Ganesh Complex, 1st Floor, Bejai Mangalore

Jnanesh Kumar K G
Jnanesh Kumar K G
Amazing experience with cupping therapy at Amara!! To start with, since it was my first time, the explanation and clarification given on the therapy was so good. The session was peaceful and relaxing. The place is hygienic. Kiara is very professional. Thank you :) Highly recommended!!!
uday kamath
uday kamath
The best experience, if you care for your body and want a relaxing session then this is the best therapy.
suraj shetty
suraj shetty
I had the best experience at the clinic! The doctor was super friendly and took the time to explain everything. Highly recommend!" 😊🌟
Afthab Sheikh
Afthab Sheikh
Had been there for Wet cupping. It was done very professionally along with the explanation of importance of wet cupping. Kiara was very kind and had a great experience 😊. Prices are reasonable as well ❤️‍🩹
Gladson Rakesh Sequeira
Gladson Rakesh Sequeira
Had a wonderful experience here at Amara and Priya is the best therapist..
Sonia Trisha
Sonia Trisha
I recently experienced an exceptional cupping therapy session at Amara. From the moment I entered, the tranquil ambiance set the tone for relaxation. The skilled therapist demonstrated a profound understanding of cupping techniques, tailoring the treatment to my specific needs. The combination of soothing music and expert hands created a rejuvenating experience that left me feeling invigorated and balanced. The facility’s cleanliness and professionalism further enhanced the overall impression. I highly recommend Amara for anyone seeking a top-notch cupping therapy session.
ubaid p
ubaid p
I had an excellent session of cupping therapy with kiara mam, mam was so friendly and professional, Defnitely i will suggest this place for cupping, and waiting for my next session....


  1. What treatment for what

    1. Myofascial decompression (MFD), or cupping is a common technique utilized to treat soft tissue injuries and increase flexibility. MFD is a negative pressure soft tissue treatment technique using suction to manipulate the skin and underlying soft tissues

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